Marking Time

Jo Naden


Location: The Severn Valley Country Park. Shropshire.

Commissioner: Highley School, Bridgnorth. Bridgnorth D.C.
local stone & pebbles
Marking Time - by Jo Naden

Eight schools respond through their geographical locations to the River Severn Valley and consider the following:-

Alveley/Highley Schools: bridging Worfield: water forming Albrighton: plants Ditton Priors: stones St Johns/St Leonards: reflections Sheriffhales: nests.

I worked with each school for two days, from February to August 2007, an on-line diary kept all informed.

Marking Time - by Jo Naden

It concluded: – “We marked time with our visits and questions of how the place came to be, we considered the history, geology, plants, animals and people that brought this place into being.

Each one of us came with our own biography, and in so doing we left the Severn Valley and ourselves changed. There were many relationships that could only be glimpsed through the long layers of time, however one aspect that was acknowledged in all our meetings was the sheep.

Marking Time - Jo Naden - visual artist

‘Where are the sheep?’

From hunter-gatherers to building dependencies, life patterns had evolved around the fire hearth. Together we marvelled at meadow ants, flowers and grasses; British landscape made possible through our relationship with sheep.

Marking – Time is a simple monument to acknowledge the complex journey humankind and sheep have made together.



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Jo Naden - visual artist

Time Spent

Commissioner: British Art Medal Society affiliated to B.M.
Lost-wax process bronze-cast. 82mm.
Casting foundry: Castle Fine Arts Foundry

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Jo Naden - visual artist


Location: Lidl Finchfield, Wolverhampton
Commissioner: Lidl UK. Gmbh
Stone, bronze-cast h. 1350mm x 600mm square
Casting foundry: Pangolin

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Moon Bowl - by Jo Naden

Moon Bowl

Location: Peace Garden, Russell Hall Hospital Dudley.
Commissioner: Women’s Royal Voluntary Service.
Stainless steel and bronze.
W.1200 x H.600 mm

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Jo Naden - visual artist



Location: Bournville Place, Birmingham, reception foyer

Commissioner: Cadbury.
Bronze, polished granite. H. 1620 mm
Casting foundry: Castle Fine Art Foundry

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Boat Form - by Jo Naden

Boat Form

Location: Leukaemia Centre Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.
Commissioner: Cure Leukaemia
bronze and Welsh slate
Casting foundry: Castle Fine Arts Foundry
Stone cutting: Malcolm Sier

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Jo Naden - visual artist



Location: Park Central Gardens, previously, Attwood Green, Birmingham

Commissioners: Crest Nicholson PLC. Birmingham City Council, Optima Community Association.

Fabricated steel, cast stainless steel, polished granite. H. 2.70m
Apollo Engineering /Formcast, Dudley.

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Jo Naden - visual artist

A Ring for Baldur

Location: Park Attwood Clinic, Trimpley, Worcestershire.
Fabricated stainless steel and sand-cast bronze
Text design: Malcolm Sier

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Water - Jo Naden - visual artist

Hot Water

Location: Castle Vale Birmingham
Commissioner: Groundwork
Fabricated steel, with aluminium patina
Developed with 12-14year olds.

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Jo Naden - visual artist

Shining Stone

Location: Shenstone near Lichfield
Commissioner: Staffordshire County Council
Sand-cast stainless steel
Catsing Foundry: Formcast
Text design & cutting: Malcolm Sier

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Jo Naden - visual artist

Midland Sculpture Trail


Location: Spring Gardening Show, Malvern, Worcestershire
Curated by Rose Garrard
Funders: West Midlands Arts, Worcester C.C. Royal Horticultural Society, Three Counties Agricultural Society

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Jo Naden - visual artist

The Very Young At Art

Locations: Castle Vale Nursery School, Adderley Nursery School, Woodhouse Primary School
Moonstone I: bronze – water hollow of our hand
Moonstone II: bronze and aluminium – the water bole, tides and the moon
Water Spout: cast stainless steel – form in dripping water.

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