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Location: Attwood Green, Park Central, Birmingham
Commissioners: Crest Nicholson PLC
                               Birmingham City Council
Optima Community Association.
fabricated steel, cast stainless steel, polished granite.
H. 2.70m

The sculpture, Wish, is a landmark within Park Central that embodies three principles: regeneration, integration and sustainability.
The tri-form suggestive of the three partners is an archetypal tree symbol used since Egyptian times.
Attwood is a family name that originates from the translation
De Bosco meaning ‘of the wood’.

The internal space of the sculpture is enclosed, like a hollow
oak tree - historically used as place of refuge or congregation.
The higher space contains a reflective seed like form, suggestive of potential growth and renewal, in which we see ourselves to be a part.

As you walk around the sculpture you experience a changing landscape of architectural symmetry and organic woodland. Look in the polished granite surface, make a wish and see it there reflected.