Landscape and our relationship to it, both individually and through our collective history is the basis of my practice. Ecology, the forces and phenomena of the earth, its minerals, plants and animals, myths, legends, time and season have all informed the work that I make.

Forms are usually modelled in clay then carved back when leather hard. They are cast into metal; bronze recalls the artefacts of ritual and activity made by early cultures, while the polished surface of stainless steel reflects the subjective experience, the form being visible only by virtue of its surroundings.

I have been commissioned to make artworks for both private individuals and public spaces including: Cadburys, Bournville Place, Birmingham, recently redeveloped by the London Architects Stanton Williams, Dudley Group of Hospitals and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. Park Central, Birmingham; a landmark artwork, commissioned by Crest Nicholson, Optima Community Association, and Birmingham City Council as part of the Attwood Green regeneration programme. Artworks sited in more rural locations are to be found at Shenstone Village, near Lichfield, the Severn Valley Country Park and Park Attwood clinic, located in the River Severn valley.

Iceland.Freeze/thaw weathering.