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Location: The Severn Valley Country Park
Commissioner: Highley School, Bridgenorth. Bridgenorth D. C. local stone & pebbles
Eight schools respond through their geographical locations to the River Severn Valley at the point of the Severn Valley Country Park and consider the following:

Alveley and Highley Schools: bridging
Worfield: water forming
Albrighton: plants
Ditton Priors: stones
St Johns and St Leonards: reflections
Sheriffhales: nests.

I worked with each school for two days, over a period from February to August 2007.
A diary recorded the schools' activities, thereby keeping everyone informed.
It concluded “ We marked time with our visits and questions of how the place came to be, we considered the history, geology, plants, animals and people that brought this place into being.
Each one of us came with our own subjectivity to the place, and in so doing leaving it and ourselves changed.
There were many relationships that could only be glimpsed through the long layers of time, however one aspect that was acknowledged in all our meetings was the sheep.

The resounding question came, ‘where are the sheep?’. From hunter-gatherers to building dependencies, life patterns had evolved around the fire hearth.
Together we marvelled at meadow ants, flowers and grasses; British landscape made possible through our relationship with sheep.
Marking - Time is a simple monument to acknowledge a complex journey we have made with sheep.

Marking Time
marking time
Marking Time
Marking Time
Marking Time
Marking time
Marking Time
Marking Time
Marking Time