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Water spout
Moonstone 1
Moonstone 2


Locations: Castle Vale Nursery School
                    Adderley Nursery School
                    Woodhouse Primary School
Moonstone I : bronze - water hollow of our hand
Moonstone II: bronze and aluminium - the water bole, tides and the moon
Water Spout: cast stainless steel - form in dripping water.

Eleven Artists made artworks for twenty-six Birmingham Nursery Schools creating an interactive trail around the city. The artworks enjoy an annual open day.

I based these three artworks around the theme of water, and considered with the children how water collects in the hollow of our hands; how a bole is created with the turning of a stone; how the tides turn in relation to the cycles of the moon; and how water forms as it falls.

To explore the phenomena of water the children poured wax into water, to see the forms it made, considered the horizontal aspect of flowing water and related this to our outstretched arms, the horizon of our own bodies. We looked at the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci who is acknowledged as both scientist and artist.